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Academy of Sound Engineering's talented team has brought South Africa into a new era of music and audio education: an era in which music production training is more focused, professional and practical. This is not for everyone - ASE is for the more discerning student.

Academy of Sound Engineering boasts a collaboration of industry leaders that are experts in their fields. These people are the driving force behind the success of our students.
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Peter Pearlson

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Renowned South African music producer, Peter Pearlson began his professional audio career at Ovation studios, learning the craft through assisting senior engineers. From Ovation studios, Peter RPM/Downtown studios and would later manage Downtown studios. He then started a world-class mastering facility called Forest Studios. Having managed studios like Downtown, Peter then started the world class Forest Studios. He has since gone on to work with the likes of U2, Blue Weaver (The Bee Gees), Hugh Masekela, Jonathan Butler, Abdullah Ibrahim, Jimmy Dludlu and Thandiswa Mazwai whom he is currently live mixing for, but to mention a few.

Peter has won no fewer than 7 SAMA's for “Best Engineer” and several Peer Music Awards. All of this skill, expertise and experience is packaged in Peter Pearlson, the Music Production Lecturer at Academy of Sound Engineering. The access students at Academy of Sound Engineering have to a Recording and Mixing Engineer of Peter’s calibre is what ensures the reproduction of world class studio engineers on South African shores, a deep passion of Peter Pearlson. It is also what sets Academy of Sound Engineering apart  as a global leader in music production education.

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Elaine Zagey

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Financial Director

Elaine qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2001.She has over 15 years experience in finance and treasury. 

She held key positions at Barloworld and Datacentrix.

She joined Academy of Sound Engineering in April 2020 and was appointed as the Financial Director in October 2020.

Not only does she have a passion for figures but also for the education of our youth. 


Timothy Kraft

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He earned a Master’s Degree in Creative Media Practices from Middlesex University.

Projects & Experience:

  • He is a studio mixing engineer with many years of experience as a Pro Tools professional.
  • He has no fewer than 28 Gold or Platinum selling albums to his name.
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Tanya von Abo

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Tanya holds a Bachelor of laws (LLB) degree, as well as Sound Engineering Diplomas with specialisations in both Music and Post Production.

She is an accomplished Post Production Coordinator and Senior Video Editor, with more than 12 years experience across several different genres including feature films, dramas, telenovelas, documentaries, corporate and marketing.

Along with being both an offline and online video editor she has also been responsible for the managing, planning and coordination of many productions for local as well as international channels like Disney, kykNET, Mzansi and many others.

Tanya has also been a judge for the SAFTA awards (2019, 2021 and 2022)

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Gordon Cragg

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  • Gordon is one of the few music industry intellectuals with a functional BSc. He started his career as an electrical engineer and swiftly moved on to Audio Engineering. He is a specialist in audio software application and plug-in development.
  • He started my career as an electrical engineer working on power station projects before focusing full-time on audio engineering.
  • Audio and midi circuit design is second nature to him.
  • Gordon still runs a project studio and works as a freelance mix engineer. He is a highly accomplished guitarist, having played for a number of bands in the past 15 years.
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Evert De Munnik

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Projects & Work Experience:

  • He has worked with Work with Deep Purple, Deff Leppard, Uriah Heep, Foreigner, Johnny Clegg and Joyous Celebration.
  • He is a front of house mixing engineer for numerous rock bands in South Africa
  • He has over 30 years of professional experience in the industry
  • He provides students with opportunities to work with him at the International Jazz Festival and The Joy of Jazz Events every year.
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Rusty Stanley

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He has over 25 years’ experience in Live Musical performance as well as in the Film and Music industries. He holds an Honours Degree in Audio – BA (HONS).

Projects & Experience:

A founding member in several original musical acts including:

  • Simply English, Kings Electric
  • Soft Targets, Two Dogs Funking
  • Raggedy Man, Bone, and presently MOMO.

Album credits include:

  • Shifty Records’ “Forces Favourites”
  • Sweaty Lettuce (previously The Blast), Veronique Malherbe
  • Gary Hershelmann’s “Die Lemme”, and MOMO’s recent release “Dark City”
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Nick Matzukis

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  • Nick is a published author, academic, lecturer, Advocate of the High Court and a music & education industry expert.
  • He has written many accredited articles and four textbooks, the latest being the highly acclaimed “Music Law, Contracts and Business - The smart musician’s guide to how the South African Music industry works, how to negotiate the best possible contracts, and how to make money from music in South Africa and overseas.”
  • Nick knows the institutional, legal and business aspects of the music industry intimately, and also brings with him an educator’s and musician’s perspective.
  • He has been in education and training since the start of his career in 1983.
  • He is a Founding Director of Academy of Sound Engineering and has sat on the boards of several high-level industry collecting societies, committees and other bodies including CAPASSO (Composers and Publishers), POSA (Performers) and SAMPRA (labels and studio performers).
  • He has also consulted to Government and appeared before Parliament regarding music copyright laws.
  • Nick has been a judge for the SAMA awards (2023).
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Jorge Arrigone

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Jorge Arrigone is an award-winning sound designer, accomplished composer, and final mix engineer, whose contributions to the audio post-production and music production industry span over 30 years. Throughout his rich career, he has cultivated an expansive portfolio, having worked on innumerable local and international commercials, as well as composing for film and TV during an 18-year tenure at Waterfront Film Studios in Cape Town. His expertise was recognised in 2015 when he was honored with the SAFTA Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement in Original Score - TV Drama Series.


  • As a new lecturer at The Academy of Sound Engineering, Jorge brings an invigorating dynamic teaching style, enriched by his impressive practical experience and deep-seated passion for sound engineering. His philosophy involves imparting not just technical skills, but also instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and love for the industry in the hearts of his students. Jorge's multifaceted approach to teaching and his hands-on industry knowledge make him a magnetic mentor, empowering and inspiring students on their journey towards successful careers in sound engineering.
  • What drives Jorge? "I am committed to inspiring the next generation of sound engineers. My experiences in this dynamic field and my passion for teaching enable me to equip students with both technical excellence and business acumen. Every student who goes on to build a successful career is a validation of the love I have for this industry and a tribute to the mentors who guided me on my own path." We are thrilled to welcome Jorge to our team, confident that his innovative high level of teaching will greatly benefit our sound engineering students.


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Despite all their myriad achievements, our team remains humble.

Academy of Sound Engineering (Pty) Ltd. [registration] 1997/008334/07 [VAT] 4760197717
[Directors] Elaine Fait-Zagey, Gordon Cragg, Michelle van der Merwe, Nick Matzukis (MD), Timothy Kraft (MD)
Academy of Sound Engineering (PTY) Ltd is registered as a private higher education institution in terms of section 54(1)(c) of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 101 of 1997) and Regulation 14(4)(a) of the Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions, 2016, to offer its registered programmes at the following sites of delivery: A. Johannesburg; B. Cape Town. Academy of Sound Engineering (Pty) Ltd is registered to offer the following programmes: (1) Higher Certificate in Audio Technology (A, B) (2) Higher Certificate in Television and Screen Media (A, B) (3) Diploma in Audio Technology (A, B) (4) Diploma in Television and Screen Media (A) Registration certificate No.2009/HE07/011
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