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2nd December 2023
4th November 2023
Sound & Music
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Modern Production Knowledge

Gone are days of just signing to labels. Artists need production knowledge for online releases. We teach this and even how to negotiate deals.

Nurturing Talent

Talent is innate, but at the Academy, we hone and nurture it to its peak, preparing students for the competitive music landscape.

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Essential Business Acumen

Our courses cover royalty streams, business models, and music copyrights. Proudly, the Academy offers the best music business education in Africa.

Practical Training

Practical Training
Holistic Training Approach

Only at the Academy are sound, music, and business taught in-depth. From real shows to contract negotiations, we offer comprehensive education.

Real-world Exposure

Our training stands out because of its practicality. Students engage in real recordings, live shows, and actual contract negotiations for genuine industry experience.

Expert Instructors

Practical Training
Top-tier Professionals

We boast the industry's best, like Timothy Kraft with 29 Gold/Platinum albums and Keith Farquharson, producer of renowned bands.

Award-Winning Mentors

Instructors like Peter Pearlson, an eight-time SAMA award winner, and Nick Matzukis, SA's top entertainment lawyer, guide our students.

Industry Connections

Practical Training
Strong Corporate Links

Our network spans from Avid and SABC to Gearhouse and Multichoice, ensuring our students are well-connected from the start.

Valuable Affiliations

With ties to institutions like SAMPRA, CAPASSO, and Universal Music, our students are introduced to the industry's heartbeat.

A Hub

Practical Training
Hub of Activity

The Academy is a nexus for major events. Both campuses frequently host industry-shaping events like Music Exchange.

A Convergence Point

We pride ourselves as entertainment crossroads, highlighted by events like the Copyright Coalition of South Africa Conference.

Global Recognition

Practical Training
International Stature

Our graduates are listed on the Avid Pro Tools Certified Operator site, opening doors to global opportunities.

World-Class Accreditation

ASE's acclaim as a top-accredited Avid Pro Tools Learning Centre underscores its global reputation in audio education.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Practical Training
Advanced Infrastructure

ASE's campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including rare consoles like Rupert Neve and SSL4000.

Leading in Tech

Boasting over 240 Apple workstations and modern gear, ASE sets the gold standard in audio education facilities.

Screen Arts
Practical Training
Media Mastery

ATV Department is the destination for aspiring screen media professionals, offering practical, comprehensive training.

Holistic Film Training

From camera work and editing to copyrights and contracts, ATV ensures graduates are industry-ready.

Entertainment Business
Practical Training
Music and Business Acumen

Success in music hinges on understanding royalties, business models, and copyrights. ASE is unmatched in this education.

Unique Expertise

Only at ASE does Nick Matzukis teach, the author of SA's definitive music law textbook.

Entertainment Technology
Practical Training
Iconic Campuses

With campuses near landmarks like SABC’s Radio Park, ASE offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

Strategic Locations

Both our campuses, set in student hubs, ensure that learners are plugged into the industry from day one.

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