Higher Certificate in Audio Technology



The purpose of the Higher Certificate in Audio Technology is to offer a shorter qualification than a Degree or three year Diploma, yet which has merit as a distinct qualification in its own right, and adds a valuable intermediate set of skills to the audio industry.

A secondary purpose of this certificate programme is to allow learners a means of progression, by way of diagonal articulation, to a diploma or degree programme.

Learners who have lower levels of achievement, or unsuitable subject combinations, on their National Senior Certificate, would otherwise not have access to a diploma programme. This will provide opportunity for continued lifelong learning and thus provide additional means of career progression and social transformation. This mechanism also allows the learner, who, due to financial or other limitations, would not otherwise be able to complete a Diploma or Degree programme in three years, the option to attain the Diploma or Degree, by spreading his or her studies over a longer period. A mechanism is thus provided for learners to progress through a Higher Certificate, with the option of completing several short courses, or skills programmes, and finally, with additional full-time study, on to the attainment of a Diploma or Degree.



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