Are there any Entrance Requirements to Study at Academy of Sound Engineering?

Yes, our full time qualifications all have specific academic entrance requirements. All of them require at least a South African Senior Certificate pass (Matric). Over and above that, some qualifications have additional subject requirements.

Are there Careers in this Field?

Most definitely! We equip our students with the skills required not only in the technical and production aspects of the industries that we cater for, but also the business elements. With modules that cover Law, Contracts, Marketing and Small Business Management. Some graduates find full time employment after their studies, while some prefer to go the route of starting their own companies or working freelance. Regardless of the working environment they find themselves in, they will have been equipped with all the necessary skills during their time as a student with us.

What is the Procedure to Enrol at the Academy of Sound Engineering?

The Academy is a unique place to study for many reasons. One of those is the care we take in making sure that the students that enrol with us are very well informed. We therefore start the process with an application interview which we prefer to have face to face at our campus. The interview might include an aptitude test depending on the qualification you are applying for. The interview focuses on informing you about everything that the Academy does and about the industry that we cater for. The applicant is then also given all the documentation required to enrol and the enrolment procedure is thoroughly explained. To set up an application interview, please contact info@ase.co.za or call 011 482 9200.

What are the Fees for the Courses?

We have a range of part time and full time courses and qualifications. All of the part time courses are skills programs and have different fees. The full time courses may also differ in fees from time to time. We would be happy to send you the most up to date fees structure for the courses that interest you. Please request information by contacting info@ase.co.za or 011 482 9200.

Are there Bursaries Available to Study at Academy of Sound Engineering?

Academy of Sound Engineering is a private institution and that does create difficulties when applying for bursaries or financial assistance. Most organisations in South Africa that provide such support, only do so for students that study at public universities. Having said that, the qualifications that we offer are very unique and are not available at public universities. Therefore it is possible to motivate your application for financial assistance from these organisations based on this. Feel free to apply with Theta (www.theta.org.za) or the National Arts Council (www.nac.org.za). The Academy does offer incentive based bursary options based on academic merit. This is seldom granted for a new student enrolling for their first year with us. We generally award these to current 2nd or 3rd year students who have shown great academic achievement at the Academy. Feel free to inquire about this with us. You can also apply for student loans at any financial institution that offers educational loans based on the fact that we are an accredited higher education institution.

Is the Academy of Sound Engineering Accredited? And are the Qualifications Offered by the Academy also Accredited?

Yes, and yes. We are an accredited Institute for Higher Education in South Africa. Accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and all of our qualifications are accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). We urge you to check the accreditation status of any institution you may be inquiring at. Not with the institution, but with the relevant departments. www.dhet.gov.za www.saqa.org.za This is the latest list of accredited higher education institutions in SA. Please note that the qualifications accredited to that institution are also listed next to the institution's name.

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