Advanced Music Production Techniques focuses on the advanced operation of Pro Tools in a professional music production environment. This course offers technical insights into both Pro Tools hardware and software.

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Entry Requirements

• Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools • Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools • Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production Essentials • Pro Tools 210M: Pro Tools Music Production Techniques • Prior to taking the Pro Tools Music Expert certification exam, students must have successfully completed the above 200-series courses and acquired Pro Tools Music Operator certification.

This is a certification exam set by Avid, and requires having done all the courses up to and including 310. Upon completion a ProTools Expert Certificate is awarded and the student will be listed on the Avid site as a Certified Expert. The exam is divided into one online exam and three timed practical exams of 30 minutes each. Once the online exam has been passed successfully, you then qualify to attempt the three one-on-one timed practical exams with your Instructor. The online exam has 2 free attempts included in the course fee, thereafter a rewrite fee is incurred. The practical exam has a fee from the first attempt.

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Modular Overviews

Certification Exam Attempts

All diploma students have to attempt these exams. User certification is attempted after completing the 110 course, Operator Certification is attempted after completing a 210 course. As mentioned above, all certification exams include 2 free attempts, thereafter a rewrite fee (set by Avid) is incurred.

Passing Grade

Avid sets an 80% passing grade on each of the online Assessments and Certification exams. Once a passing grade is achieved the student is then eligible to proceed to the next level of the Avid Training and Education Program.

Progressing To Next Module

Students will not be allowed to attend classes on the next modules if they have not yet passed the previous level. In other words, you cannot attend a 201 class if you have not yet passed 110, and you cannot attend a 210 class if you have not yet passed 201.

Assessment Sessions

For full-time students Pro Tools assessments will be scheduled in class. These assessment dates are not changeable; if you miss these dates, you will be required to book and write during a rewrite session.

Progressing To Next Level Of Assessments

Once a student has passed their assessment they can progress to the next module. Students that have not passed their previous Pro Tools module when the next module starts will have to wait for the next iteration.

A student will not be able to use their free attempts for one module assessment towards another level module assessment.


If a student passes the 101 assessment on their first attempt, and fails the first two attempts at 110, they have no more free attempts for 110, and will have to book and pay a rewrite fee.

Exam Environment

All Certification exams and Avid Assessments are to be taken under full exam conditions, including no books (“closed book”) and with the Pro Tools application closed.

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