AVID Success Story: Zander Lourens

I was raised in a very musical family with my parents, grandparents, sisters and cousins all being able to play instruments or sing. I started as a drummer in my grandfather’s church when I was 10 years old and since then I’ve always felt a deep connection with music.

In 2011, my church asked me if I would be willing to learn the mixing desk and I immediately fell in love with mixing and the technical side of things. Like most kids, I started helping with school productions, setting up sports events and getting to learn this art a bit more.

Even with this love and passion for the arts, it never occurred to me that I would be able to do this full time.

Once I finished high school, my father told me about an arts college call the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE), where I could studio audio engineering. Of course, I was delighted with this news. We went there for the Open Day and it was only then when I realised how vast the industry really is. My dreams were starting to come true…

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