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82 Richmond Drive

Auckland Park

Opposite SABC Radio Park

Tel: 011 482 9200

Fax: 011 482 9203

ACADEMY OF SOUND ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD was founded in 1997 by George Hattingh Snr.

Academy of Sound Engineering is accredited by the following bodies: International accreditation: AVID as a Pro School. Apple as an Authorized Training Centre for Education. South Africa: Council on Higher Education (HEQC Reference no: H/PR271/E001CAN, E003CAN, E005CAN). Academy of Sound Engineering (PTY) Ltd (ASE). [registration] 1997/008334/07 [VAT] 4760197717 [directors] Cristo Hattingh, Nick Matzukis, Timothy Kraft (MD). ASE is registered as a private higher education institution in terms of section 54(1)(c) of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 101 of 1997) and Regulation 16(4)(a) of the Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions 2002, to offer its registered programmes at the following site of delivery: A. Johannesburg, Auckland Park (SABC) Premises. ASE is registered to offer the following programmes: (1) B.Sc. Sound Engineering Technology (2) Diploma in Sound Engineering (3) Higher Certificate in Audio Technology (4) Diploma in Audio Technology (5) Higher Certificate in Television and Screen Media (6) Diploma in Television and Screen Media. Registration certificate No. 2009/HE07/011

It is no coincidence that ASE is owned and run by the team of individuals that pioneered sound engineering education in South Africa. The ASE team launched and ran the first (and largest) national network of sound engineering schools in the country and is directly responsible for the qualification of over 4000 qualified sound engineers. Many of the graduates taught by ASE's management hold premier sound engineering posts all over the world, including Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom. This talented team, through the establishment of ASE, has now brought South Africa into a new era of audio training: an era in which sound engineering training is made more focused, more professional and more practical for the more discerning student - the student who is truly passionate about Sound Engineering.


Constantina Caldis is a lecturer and Head of Music at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg. She has completed and attained a Bachelor of Music Degree (2003), a Postgraduate diploma in Arts (2005) and a Diploma in Sound Engineering (2009). Constantina is currently completing a MA in Digital Arts Interactive Media at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her research is focused on Music and Design investigations of Multi-modal Interactive Installation Artworks. 

DR Thulasizwe Nkabinde holds degrees, BA (Music) (Unizul); B (Hons) Wits University; M.Mus. (Unizul); PhD (Mus. Ed.) (hr-GSCT-KZN).

A Composer, Conductor, Arranger and Producer, Dr Thulasizwe has been a Music Lecturer and Conductor at Soweto College of Education, Westminster College of Education and University of Venda. He has conducted choral workshops in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Ghana, London, (Royal School of Music) and has performed with various choirs in Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Carnegie Hall in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut in USA. Currently, he is the Music Executive Producer for Channel Africa, SABC International Radio Service and Director of the SABC Choir. He is the Part-Time Music Lecturer at Academy of Sound Engineering, Auckland Park, JHB.


Andrew Smith is a senior lecturer and writer at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg, where he lectures multiple audio related subjects. He has written two books on computer based audio production and sound design and is also a sound engineer, sound designer and composer with a wide range of music, film, and TV credits. Andrew is currently completing a part time MA in Digital Arts at Wits University in Johannesburg where his research is focused on an investigation into the immersive and emotive properties of sound design and music for digital games.

Nick Matzukis is a published author, lecturer, Advocate of the High Court and music industry expert.  He has written many articles and three music industry books, the latest being the highly-acclaimed “Music Law, Contracts and Business - the smart musician’s guide to how the South African Music industry works, how to negotiate the best possible contracts, and how to make money from music in South Africa and overseas.”  Nick knows the institutional, legal and business aspects of the music industry intimately, and also brings with him a musician’s perspective.  This is because he has also been a very well-known figure in the South African music scene, having played drums for many high-profile bands such as the Helicopters (with 5 no 1 hits and 3 gold albums) and having been involved in various music projects over the years.  He is a founding director of Academy of Sound Engineering, South Africa’s top music production college, and also of AVL Productions, a premier entertainment production company and supplier of music industry technologies.